Hello, Salut, Ciao, Hallo!

I’m an easy-going creative born in 1996 by the Geneva lake in Switzerland. Growing up in a small village, I had a countryside childhood always very close to big open spaces and humming nature. Becoming a designer was never a dream to me; it was more about pulling out a creative intuition. I’d love to tell you that I’m just an artist that loves mathematics, yet I love to design.

I started industrial design studies at écal in 2014 with the mind open to this whole new world to me. In the end the learning went far further than I expected. During these years, ups and downs pushed me to always reconsider what i thought I’d learn about the discipline. I took each project as a new start with the opportunity to gain confidence and implement my method. Far from getting to an end, this experience is only the beginning of a long journey that I’m craving to discover.

I did my first steps in the working world at Big-Game studio (Lausanne) where I’ve had the chance to see a glimpse of what the career of designer could look like. While improving my skills with mock-ups and computer working, I was introduce to the rhythm of industry and clients. I’m currently employed in this same office as assistant designer.

Being a designer today had me going through a lot of questioning about the purposes. Having the privilege to draw the objects for tomorrow is a big responsibility that we have in our hands and it should be done with cleverness and thoughtful purposes. With this in mind I’m looking forward to work on the new chapter.